Free SSI Marine Ecology program


Are you fascinated with the ocean? Do you want to learn more about the incredible ocean environments you’re diving in? With the SSI Marine Ecology Specialty program, you’ll become an underwater naturalist in no time and learn about the exciting science of marine ecology. It’s a great way to enhance your dives and you’ll earn the SSI Marine Ecology Specialty certification.

Join the SSI Marine Ecology Specialty program. You’ll discover the exciting science of marine ecology and become an underwater naturalist. You’ll learn how ocean organisms interact with each other and their environments, how energy flows through communities and the links between different ocean ecosystems. With your newfound knowledge, you’ll appreciate the marine life you dive with even more. Upon completion of this program, you’ll earn the SSI Marine Ecology Specialty certification.

The course consists of extensive e-learning material and one online academic session.

The topics of the SSI Marine Ecology -course are: 

•Marine Ecosystems
•Biodiversity of Marine Life
•Marine Ecology
•Human Impact
•Management and Conservation

E-learning material is in English and academic session is in Finnish. If a few English-speaking participants register, a theory lesson is also possible in English.

There are not any certification prerequisites.
This course is suitable for everyone, even if you are not a diver! 

To register for the Free SSI marine Ecology course:

1. Add this course to the shopping cart and complete order.

2. Register on the SSI website. Select DiveTime as the Training Center.


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