Diving Instructors

Sukelluskouluttaja_Eetu Advanced_Open_Water_Instructor Eetu Hedman

Assistant Instructor Divetime_assistant_instructor Riku Heininen

DiveTime_Divemaster_Toni Divetime_assistant_instructor Toni Iivonen

DiveTime_Divemaster_Petteri Divetime_assistant_instructor Petteri Jaakkola

Sukelluskouluttaja_AP Assistant_Instructor_Trainer Ari-Pekka Kautto

Sukelluskouluttaja_Sampo Assistant_Instructor_Trainer Sampo Kerimaa
Paeivi_Korkman Divetime_assistant_instructor Päivi Korkman Jaana_Lahdenniemi Divetime_assistant_instructor Jaana Lahdenniemi Olli_Lappi Instructor_Trainer Olli Lappi
Sukelluskouluttaja_Erno Advanced_Open_Water_Instructor_Divetime Erno Mäkinen Sukelluskouluttaja_Kai Divemaster_Instructor_Divetime Kai Mikkola Divetime_Divemaster_Kalle DIVETIME_DIVEMASTER_SUOMI Kalle Pettersson 
Sukelluskouluttaja_Riia Advanced_Open_Water_Instructor_Divetime Riia Sattanen Maarit_Tietavainen Divetime_assistant_instructor Maarit Tietäväinen  Sukelluskouluttaja_Juha_2 Advanced_Open_Water_Instructor_Divetime Juha Tolvanen
Janne_Vaaranen Assistant_Instructor_Trainer Janne Vääränen    

Come and try scuba diving, begin your diving journey with the SSI Open Water Diver -course, or deepen your diving skills through specialty courses, advanced courses, technical diving courses, and cave diving courses. Alternatively, you can continue your path towards becoming a diving professional with our instructor training courses. With us, you can complete SSI - Scuba Schools International and TDI - Technical Diving International dive training. Our professional training team shares a passion for diving and a commitment to helping divers progress in their skills and expertise.

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