Mares Genius Dive Computer + Pressure sensor

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New ZH-L16C algorithm with gradient factors and predictive multigas. 

Nitrox and Trimix capcable, up to 5 gases. 

Full color high-resolution display. 

Full tilt digital compass with bearing memory and stopwatch. 

Hoseless tank data integration for up to five transmitters. 

Color coded tank pressure for at-a-glance readability. 

Bottom timer mode with resettable average depth and stopwatch. 

Decompression dive planner with additional surface interval function. 

Brilliant logbook with multiple graphs. Logbook capacity more than 1000 hours of dive profile at 5-second sampling rate. 

Smart batteri management system with 40 hours divetime per full charge.

Bluetooth connection for direct connection to smartphone. 

Night mode function. 

Map viewing function during dive. 

Tissue saturation graph with detailed information. 

Underwater menu allows certain settings to be changed during the dive. 

Future deco and runaway deco alarm (proprietary).  


The brain of the Genius is powered by the ZH-L16C algorithm, the classic Bühlmann, with the integration of an editable gradient factor. The most popular algorithm with technical dive enthusiasts has now been made ‘recreational’, with the option for personalized settings. The ‘Technical’ setting allows you to choose from four presets, T0 to T3, or to set the values directly under the “Custom” setting option.



Based on physical condition and personal experience of your physiological reaction during and after a dive, you can choose from four different levels (0-Low-Medium-High). Each progressively makes the gradient factor more conservative.


This setting allows for ocean condition input (for example, the presence of current), offering four levels of adjustment to the gradient factor (0-Low-Medium-High). This function can be set during the dive, for example, if you find yourself in an unanticipated strong current. The ‘Dive’ setting automatically resets at midnight.

Me Today

Choose to set the gradient factor more or less conservatively, depending on your physical and physiological conditions on that day, such as being sleep deprived, feeling dehydrated, or any other issue that affects your short-term physiological condition. The ‘Me Today’ setting also automatically resets at midnight.

Transmission of tank pressure data via radio-frequency utilizes a transmitter: Every transmitter has a flashing LED which signals gas pressure using color codes, with green flashing initially for over 2600psi (180 bar), yellow at 1450psi (100 bar), and red at a higher frequency when gas pressure falls below 500psi (50 bar).

Manage Nitrox and Trimix (up to five gases), by adding additional transmitters (optional) for each gas; meeting the needs of even the most demanding divers

A high-resolution color display provides quick and easy reading of all data. The tank pressure value can be viewed in a graphic representation of the pressure level including color codes, or numerically, the choice is yours

The digital compass boasts “multi-position” reading, directional memory, and a stopwatch.

The ‘Bottom Time’ function is provided for those exclusively wanting to only know bottom time and depth, with a resettable average depth and stopwatch.

A ‘Decompression Dive Planner’ allows for dive planning, with or without decompression, including the option to insert surface interval for repetitive dives.

The incredible ‘Logbook’ shows the data with various graphics, saving information for approximately 1,000 hours of diving. Additionally, you can view the dive profiles with 5-second sample intervals.

The integrated rechargeable battery lasts for a good 40 hours of dive time on a full charge.

The integrated Bluetooth connection lets you download the data to your smartphone or tablet without need for accessories via the MySSI app.

A ‘Night Mode Function’ provides excellent readability of all information, especially during night dives.

During the dive, Genius' amazing color display gives you a graphic view of tissue saturation with all the detailed information, and lets you view maps or charts downloaded to your computer.

A special ‘Underwater’ menu allows you to adjust some of the settings while diving.

Finally, the Genius offers a unique function: Providing a prediction of how much deco time you will need if you remain at your current depth, with an alarm, if you exceed a preset value.




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