Mares Ergo Flex Snorkel

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Suitable for diving or snorkeling sessions. The lower purge valve system ensure quick and effective tube purging. Corrugated silicone hose and mouthpiece. Sliding swivel snorkel keeper. 

The Ergo Flex diving snorkel has a transparent silicone corrugated tube. It's ideal for those who prefer simplicity. The drain valve makes it easy to empty the tube of water.

The Ergo Flex snorkel features a transparent silicone corrugated tube and a silicone mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is large and allows you to breathe with some ease. Perfect for a very long diving or snorkelling session. Equipped with an exhaust valve.

The main features of the Rebel Flex snorkel are:

- Sliding snorkel holder
- Corrugated silicone tube and mouthpiece
- Exhaust valve
- Suitable for extended snorkelling sessions.




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