Mares Seal Skin miesten märkäpuku


Jos tuotetta ei ole vasrastossa, toimitusaika on noin 2 viikkoa. 

The Seal Skin men's wetsuit is ideal for diving in cold water. Made of 6 mm ultra-stretch neoprene, it offers increased thermal comfort thanks to the S-SEAL technology. This technology creates a special seal that covers each seam of the wetsuit, increasing thermal comfort and durability.

The Seal Skin wetsuit has been designed to maximise thermal comfort: it is made of ultra-stretch neoprene with a thickness of 6mm. The S-SEAL coating has been placed on all the seams and the special S-LOCK zip on the back has waterproof properties with a coating that further reduces water entry. Thanks to these features, Seal Skin offers unparalleled protection from the cold.
The features of the Seal Skin men's wetsuit are:
- The cold water wetsuit revolution
- Increased thermal comfort thanks to s-seal technology
- Wrist and ankle seals made of glide skin
- Zips at the ankles
- Comfortable neck closure
- Knee pads made of supratex
- Easy donning and doffing thanks to ultra-elastic neoprene
- Fixed tool zone on both wrists
- Integrated buckle on the leg for attaching the hood or dedicated smart pocket (sold separately)


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